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Korbin's Korner

Feb 21, 2018

Every student that has ever graced the halls of a creative writing class has undoubtedly heard the mantra of countless writing instructors:

"Show! Don't tell."

Every one of us has heard it, but I don't think that there has been a professor or teacher that I've had that truly took the time to explain this. In fact, it's...

Feb 10, 2018

Do you want to make money writing? Is there a skill inside of you that could also help make your life easier? If you're looking to make money writing, here are the three ways of making money outside becoming a copywriter or a blogger. These are the paths to financial freedom that so many writers are desperately looking...

Feb 3, 2018

What makes a story? 


Conflict is the lifeblood of every story and it's what makes us relate to spacemen, ancient warriors, wizards, and little girls. It's the very core of story and it's all waiting for you to master.

Good luck...

Jan 31, 2018

Like a Mother Walrus looking down at our fat, squirmy pup, we all think our story ideas are beautiful and perfect.

But Are they?

Are they actually horrendous abominations that will tear down the very fabric of our sanity? Or are we the next great American, or Non-American, Novelist? How is an author to know?


Jan 27, 2018

Did you ever want to know what the ONE secret was to getting published?

Are you a writer struggling to get that one manuscript out? That one chapter written? That one idea on paper? Do you feel like you're missing something that all the other wordsmiths out there know about?

What if I could tell you the one...